Social Media Consulting

As social media consultants, we help companies develop detailed, customized social strategies, train staff to implement, and support their social media campaigns.

Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter offer many companies great means to stay in communication with key influencers and their vast customer base. Ultimately, these relationships support the brand and profit growth.

While many businesses have the ability to manage the content on their sites, an outside social media marketing consultant offers data-driven analysis and another set of eyes to inform content creation and customer management. The analysis and outside perspective offered by a social media consultancy provides insight companies can put to immediate use to maximize their social impact.

Our social consulting service breaks down into three parts

1.) Custom Campaign Development. We work with our clients to align their business goals with their social media strategy. This includes selecting the platforms that will produce the best results and audience targeting. For some companies, Facebook makes sense. For others LinkedIn may be a better option. We leverage software and technology to inform our analysis. As we build the strategy and later as we evaluate progress, we produce detailed reports to measure success against business goals.

2.) Client Training. We provide hands-on coaching to make sure client stakeholders and staff understand the tools and reporting.

3.) Social Customer Service. Sometimes problems come up and, let’s face it, it’s nice to know you’ve got help at the other end of the phone, or email. Every customer service call is handled with a process that ensures we clearly understand the situation. We listen, we confirm our understanding, and we assign the necessary resources to help resolve the problem.

With this service, our goal is to help clients become as self-sufficient as they desire. If you’re looking for a social media management consultant to help with your social marketing, start a conversation with BFO.

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