Content Marketing Agency Services to Build Your Audience


It’s not enough to produce content today. Everyone produces content. To stand out from the competition and connect on a deeper level with your audience, a brand needs high-quality content delivered strategically.

A content strategy weaves together brand messaging with SEO, SEM and content marketing goals. It creates continuity for the user from one stage of the funnel to the next, making the next CTA an easy and expected one to take. Along the way, the content connects on a personal level, building loyalty between the user and the brand.

This doesn’t just happen. It requires careful planning and a well-rounded organic media strategy. It demands clear, engaging content placed where users expect and want to see it. Finally, results must be analyzed to stay connected with what’s hot with users and the trends, expectations and wants that motivate them. This is exactly what our content development services team does for our clients.


Our Be Found Online® content development and distribution services take a unique three-step, full-service approach to support a brand’s content marketing needs.

Step 1. We listen to understand how the content fits into the campaign, marketing and larger company goals. This allows us to understand the challenges and needs for a content marketing program. The insight gained during this first step helps us to make recommendations for content types and distribution channels and, finally, develop a cohesive strategy.

Step 2. We plan, create and distribute the content. A well-defined content calendar simplifies the task of content creation and also sets expectations of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), executives and other content contributors to ensure the background material is gathered in a timely manner so content gets produced on time. Our content team takes the material provided and gives it to a team of top professional writers with vast experience in subjects from finance to healthcare to photography to energy. Literally, there is no subject we can’t write on. All content goes through a rigorous double-editing process to ensure it arrives “fit to print.”

What content do we write? Our team writes blog posts, web pages, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, PPC ads, articles, social media content and much more.

Where do we distribute? Our industry connections allow us to put your content wherever your audience is. This guarantees the best possible return on your content.

Step 3. We optimize based on an analysis of results, review outcomes based on the goals and restart the process. Content analysis is key. We really like to see when a piece of content resonates powerfully with an audience. It doesn’t feed our egos, it tells us what your audience likes so we can do more of it.

The entire process is designed to keep a brand well-connected with its audience and develop incredible loyalty and deep relationships with users.


  • Expert Writers
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Calendar
  • Audience Persona Development
  • Master Editor or Content Editing
  • Native Language Content Creation and Translation


Clients who take advantage of our highly refined content development and distribution services know they will always receive measurable results. There may be a creative element to content, but results define the success of every piece. Through tools and analytics platforms, we are able to assign metrics to KPIs as we develop a clear picture of the content marketing effort.

How well your content connects can be measured through shares, likes, comments, clicks and time spent on-page. Dominant SEO and SEM results reveal when you surpass the competition. And while there are lots of ways to measure content marketing results, boosts to sales and revenue numbers remain some of the best gauges.

BFO measures its content development services against clear results like these. While every piece of content may not go viral, our methodology ensures a brand’s continuous movement toward a deeper relationship with its audience and the benefits that result.