Do You Expect Enough From Your Paid Search Agency?

A truly competitive paid search agency shouldn’t only get you in the game, it should take you to the next level. That’s why brands need to look beyond best practices if they’re going to be able to hit their goals. In order to capture a pipeline of highly qualified, targeted leads before your competition does, you must go the extra mile with your competitive paid search tactics.


  • You want to drive awareness of your brand, products and services
  • You are looking to capture the existing demand
  • You face increasing competition and must protect your brand
  • You want to appear in search results when potential customers are looking for your competitors
  • You are ready to scale and optimize your current accounts
  • You want to re-engage previous website visitors still researching
  • You want to target previous customers and site visitors with new products and offerings when they’re not actively searching


  • Full-Service Campaign Management
  • In-House Team Support
  • Media planning & Strategy
  • Paid Media Account Audits
  • Testing Plan Development


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US Search Awards Shortlist
Upcity Top PPC Agency

Level Up Your Paid Search Strategy


Today’s search platforms rely on much more than keywords and text ads. The PPC ecosystem is expansive and we help brands take full advantage of it. BFO is a unique paid search agency because we understand the devil is not only in the details, but also in the strategy. That’s why we embrace the latest in machine learning & automation technology and combine them with human oversight and engaging copy. This enables us to break through the clutter of standard “search ads” and compel your audience to click & convert.