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Benefits of Hiring a Content Creation Agency

Question for the Expert:

What are the benefits of a content creation agency over a freelance writer?

Answer from the Expert:

So, you’ve decided you want outside help with your content writing. The question is, do you hire an agency or a freelance writer? I may be slightly biased, but based on my experience a content agency offers the biggest benefits.

About those benefits – let’s take a look.

Benefit 1. A Content Team

Content agencies offer clients a full team – writers, researchers, editors, proofreaders, content strategists and analyst– who ensure the arrival of quality error-free content that will help reach your goals. Working with a content team not only allows you a diverse group of writers with multitudes of talent, but it offers client management: one account manager who knows your brand, your voice, your needs, and manages this with a highly-skilled content team.

As such, a team provides you with writers who have expertise in different subject matter and content types. One writer on a team may be proficient in writing landing pages while another might write great ads, and another writes compelling eBooks. You see where we’re going with this…

Many freelancers specialize in one particular subject area and media type. Often, this can lead to hiring a freelancer who says they can write your eBook, but their expertise is only in email campaigns. As a result, you may need to research and vet a new freelancer, requiring additional time and energy on your part.

Benefit 2. Cost

“If I hire a freelancer, then I’m only paying for that one person.” Sure, if you want to check out the hundreds of websites offering thousands of freelance writers, you are sure to find someone at a low rate. This is not only a waste of your time, but the old saying is true. You get what you pay for. Serious freelancers can charge as much as an agency. But, they are one person – researcher, writer, editor, proofreader and strategist. There are no checks and balances when hiring a freelancer. On another note, it can take days and weeks of research to find a decent freelancer… and even more time to find one with the voice you want for your brand.

Benefit 3. Accountability

A freelancer is one person… and let’s face it, a freelancer can get sick, experience family events and more. A freelancer may be unavailable when you need them. If an agency writer “calls in sick,” another – who already knows your brand and voice – can step up to get the work done. If a freelancer gets sick before a deadline, you may need to wait.

There you have it – our top three picks for the benefits in using a content creation agency: quality, cost and accountability. Do you need help with content creation? If so, maybe it’s time to start a conversation.