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April 23, 2020

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Many top US economists predicted a recession in 2020; however, the catalyst for such a recession is not what we all expected.  On December 31st, 2019, China reported to the World Health Organization that there was a serious outbreak of a new strain of the virus that looked unstoppable. Enter the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

So, it happened.  The virus has spread at an incredible rate. A global crisis that has temporarily, and likely forever, changed our world – shutting down businesses, slowing consumerism, and putting our global economy at risk.

As marketing and sales professionals, we should just close shop and hope that the world one day returns to normal, right?  Wrong. From crisis stems innovation and opportunity.  It is up to us to act swiftly, efficiently, and with empathetic resolve in order to maintain as much revenue as we can and set our businesses upfor success now and into the future.

The Resources

The team at BFO has collaborated to create resources for both B2B and B2C businesses and provide additional links to articles and resources we’ve found helpful during this time. We will continue to update this page over the coming weeks.

  • Download and use BFO’s COVID-19 negative keyword list to prevent your business from showing keyword variations related to the coronavirus.
  • Implement Google’s Special Announcement Schema to notify your audience of special hours, closures, or other relevant information about your business during this crisis. 
    • Download our free guide for using this markup here


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B2B & B2C Playbooks

B2B Sales Playbook

B2C Playbook


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