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October 11, 2011

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Here at BFO, we are CMS agnostic! Our SEO team can work with any content management system known to man, and we love the challenge of learning new systems. The more new systems we learn to manage, the more skills we acquire, and there is nothing wrong with more knowledge. We have plenty of experience with the following content management systems:

  • Magento
  • Word Press
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Custom CMS

We even know which systems work best with site sizes. For instance, Drupal is great for mid to larger size sites, while Joomla is perfect for small to midsize sites. Most often, the custom content management systems we work with are for larger businesses. Although these are the most popular content management systems we come across, we are always open and eager to learn new ones. We understand that the main goal is to have your websites rank well in the search engines, but the process changes based on the CMS the website is on. The end result is always the same; we will optimize your site so you can get the best ranking.

The bottom line: We are not afraid to work with any content management system. The technical details may differ between each CMS, but the CMS does not hinder our overall goal. Do not fear if you use a custom content management system. Bring your website to us and we will be more than happy to learn the ins and outs of your CMS so we can get your website results! We will take the time to understand the goals, objectives, and inner workings of your website so we can help it rank. Want to know more about our CMS Agnosticism? Contact us today. We’ll talk CMS optimization.

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