Spring Cleaning: How to Refresh Your Best Marketing Campaigns

April 26, 2024

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spring clean your digital marketing with Be Found Online

Smell that? Spring is in the air! Though it might take a while to *look* like spring (aka, when the midwest grass grows higher than a few centimeters and the flowers actually bloom), there’s no denying the buzz of energy that comes along with this new season.


Oftentimes, when spring hits, we’re grabbing our Lysol and telling ourselves we’ll finally clean out our closet (even though it’s like Monica’s from Friends #iykyk). So, if you’ve got spring cleaning on your mind too, know this same concept can also apply to your marketing.


Spring is the perfect time to pick up your digital duster and give your best marketing campaigns a refresh. Because with consumer preferences shifting, there’s no use in letting your old campaigns go to waste—instead, why not spruce ‘em up and make ‘em shiny again?


Below, we’re sharing more on how to scrub away the old and usher in the new. Take a look so you can make the most of your best campaigns!


Why You Should Spring Clean Your Marketing Campaigns

You might wonder why the heck you should take a campaign and give it the ‘ol refresh anyway. In the digital marketing realm, it's easy to fall into the trap of "set it and forget it." After all, with campaigns running on autopilot, it can seem like smooth sailing.


However, just like your favorite shirt needs a wash after a few (or many—we’re not here to judge) wears, your marketing campaigns need the same TLC. Here's why spring cleaning your marketing campaigns matters more than you might think.


Stay Relevant in a Shifting Landscape

Not switching up your campaigns is kind of like not switching up your dance moves when “I Will Always Love You” turns into “Loverefreshing your marketing campaigns with steve buscemi Shack.” You’re just gonna look silly.


As trends shift and new technologies emerge, refreshing your campaigns will help you stay relevant. Instead of letting things run on autopilot, you can stay in tune with the market's rhythm, ensuring your message stays fresh.


Stay Ahead of Competitors

If you want to not only keep pace but surpass the competition, you’ll want to up your marketing game. That’s why breathing life into old campaigns can be so impactful. If you remain stagnant, you’ll risk looking like *that guy.* And nobody wants to be that guy. Whether it’s through new messaging, visuals, or technologies, a refreshed campaign can give you the edge you need to target new consumers and stay ahead of the competition.


Stay Put in the Minds of Your Audience

A stale, repetitive campaign makes it easy for consumers to stop scrolling. But when it’s something they’ve never seen before, they’re more likely to stick around. Think of your spring cleaning as a way to recapture the attention of your audience. When you inject some new energy into your previous efforts, you can reignite that spark!


Stay Focused on Results

Let's face it—marketing budgets aren't bottomless pits of goldroi via stonks meme (though if yours is, we’d love to know more). You want to see a return on investment for every dollar you spend. That’s why this spring refresh is so impactful—you can optimize performance and drive higher engagement, which, in turn, should up your revenue.


Assessing Your Current Campaigns

Before you dive into your campaigns, you’ll want to take stock of where you currently stand. Here’s how you can get started.


Look at Your Performance Metrics

Begin by dusting off your analytics dashboard (if ya don’t have a good one, we can help with that) and looking at the numbers. Go beyond vanity metrics like likes and shares and instead focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) that truly matter—like conversion rates, click-through rates, and engagement. This will give you insight into which popular campaigns could use a fresh spin.


Look at Your Audience Feedback

One of the best ways to build a successful new campaign is by seeing how your audience felt about your old ones. Look atsquirrel wearing armor to gather marketing insights customer feedback, social media responses, and any survey answers to familiarize yourself with each campaign. And don’t worry—we’ve all had a *stellar* idea that fell flat. The point of this exercise is simply to gather notes to make your spring refresh a success.


Look at Your Business Goals

Flashy campaigns might win awards, but if they’re not driving tangible business outcomes, what good are they really? The last thing you want is a campaign that looks impressive (and probably took a lot of work to complete) but doesn’t generate leads. That being said, see how your campaigns are doing in terms of your goals. Are they increasing sales, boosting brand awareness, or nurturing customer loyalty? If they aren’t meeting your needs, it’s time to course-correct.


Strategies for Refreshing Your Campaigns

Now that you’ve taken a look at your campaigns, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get to work! Here’s how you can breathe new life into your previous endeavors.


Visual Revamp

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in the world of marketing, it might actually be worth a whole lot more than that. Give your campaigns a visual facelift by updating all graphics, photos, and videos. Experiment with new color schemes, fonts, and design elements. Whether it’s an eye-catching infographic orrefreshing the visuals of your marketing campaign thumb-stopping video, updating your visuals is a great way to captivate your audience.


Messaging Makeover

Take a fresh look at your campaign copy and messaging strategy. Is it still resonating with your target audience? Are there any new buzzwords you could incorporate? Maybe you went a little too *nice* and need to be blunt this time around (or vice versa!). Consider infusing humor, storytelling, or emotion to create a deeper connection with your audience. And never forget to highlight the unique value proposition that sets your brand apart!


User-Generated Content (UGC) Integration

Your biggest fans are also your best brand ambassadors. As you spring clean, harness the power of UGC by incorporating testimonials, reviews, and user-generated photos or videos into your campaigns. Not only does UGC add authenticity and social proof, but it also fosters a sense of community with your audience. Encourage users to share their experience with your brand so your campaigns can (literally) come to life!


Embrace New Platforms and Technologies

Ever feel like there’s a new platform or piece of tech to try daily? Us too. Luckily, these updates are a great way to add a little pizzazz toembrace new technology with a hug your previous marketing efforts. Explore new social channels or experiment with tech like augmented reality (AR) to create immersive brand experiences. When you stay at the forefront of these trends, you’ll position your business as one that’s cutting-edge and forward-thinking.


A/B Testing and Optimization

Refreshing your campaigns is about more than just trusting your gut—it’s about making decisions based on data. Conduct A/B tests to compare different versions of your efforts and see which elements resonate most with your audience. Test headlines, calls-to-action, visuals, and targeting parameters to find your winning combo.


Implementing Your Spring Cleaning Strategy

You’ve got your ideas—now it’s time to implement them! And if just the thought of doing so overwhelms you, know we’re here to take the reins whenever you need help. Here’s how to bring your new spring cleaning strategy to life.


Create a Detailed Timeline

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are successful marketing campaigns. Break down your refresh strategy into manageablemarketing calendar tasks and create a detailed timeline to get things done. Write down (or digitize) all those key milestones, deadlines, and responsibilities to keep your team on track. Whether it’s updating visuals or launching A/B tests, a clear timeline will help you execute things without any major hiccups.


Allocate Resources and Budget

You’ll need all hands on deck when it comes to your new campaigns! Talk to your team about their bandwidth and see who can handle the different responsibilities of your refresh project. Do you need to bring in any external help? How can you make the most of your budget? Make sure you have what you need before putting more time and money into the process.


Set Benchmarks for Success

Before everything is up and running, you’ll want to establish clear benchmarks for success. What are your goals for each campaign? It might be increasing engagement, driving website clicks, or boosting consultation calls. When you set these upfront, you’ll have a clear yardstick to measure your progress along the way.


Ready to Freshen Up?

One thing’s for sure—the entire team at BFO is ready to say sayonara to Chicago’s freezing winter and welcome spring with open arms! If you’re looking for some help during your spring cleaning (digitally, please—we’re no good with an actual mop), we’d love to hear more about your business goals. Send us a message today to make spring your most successful season yet!

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