Talking Google Shopping Best Practices with Dan Golden

January 13, 2015

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BFO’s rock star President and Chief Search Artist Dan Golden and his iconic orange jacket seem to be everywhere these days! Dan recently sat down with Jenny Lintz, an agency strategist with Google Partners, to discuss the latest trends and best practices in Google Shopping – and, of course, to brag a bit about the growing success of Be Found Online!

Dan and Jenny touched on a variety of topics about the dynamic field of e-commerce, and they came to some valuable conclusions about developing client relationships, tackling common e-commerce challenges, and striking a balance between profitability and scalability. Other insights included:

  • The importance of developing a deep understanding of client goals and the unique challenges presented by each vertical;
  • Finding new and creative ways to differentiate yourself in the competitive e-commerce space;
  • The growing importance of mobile in e-commerce marketing; and
  • Be Found Online’s unique approach to shopping feed optimization

Don’t miss out! Catch the entire interview with Dan below to learn more about Google Shopping best practices:

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