What Attendees Learned at Our Digital Micromoments Event

March 01, 2017

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Last month, we teamed up with Google and one of our clients, Seacoast Bank, to host an event designed to give businesses the tools to win digital micromoments. The two-hour event featured two insight-packed sessions and a hands-on working session. Attendees left with strategies to connect with their core customers across all digital platforms through micromoments.


Micromoments are those unplanned, often impulse-driven spur-of-the-moment searches made possible by the constant connectivity of mobile devices. Moments like these offer businesses opportunities to start a relationship, move a prospect along the sales funnel and in some cases even prompt an immediate sale.

The Goal Was to Make Micromoments Actionable

Google presented an “Introduction to Audience Narratives and Micromoments.” Then BFO and Seacoast Bank took the stage to share background on “The Agency/Client Relationship & Turning Micro Moments Into Wins.” After this, it was the attendees turn.


Attendees took one business goal. With guidance from Google, BFO and Seacoast, they evaluated digital channels best suited to reach one of their target audiences. Then they built a strategy to make their brand story become part of their audience’s story. By the end, attendees left with an action plan.


What Attendees Took Away from the Event

Micromoments are part of each audience members personal story. To connect through these moments, a brand must make it desirable for someone to make the brand and its offering a part of their story. The impulse behind these moments has made sales funnels more fluid as users may enter at the top, or right at the bottom where they’re ready to buy.


Attendees also developed strategies customized for their business. They also got the client perspective on how to make the most of an agency partnership to help win more micromoments. And hopefully, attendees also left with a deeper understanding of the fun of a dynamic agency-client relationship.

Are you looking to capture micromoments or looking for an agency partner who can make digital marketing fun? Let’s start a conversation.

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