Integrating Awareness & Direct Response for More Revenue

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Bai faced a variety of obstacles in creating a strategy for driving conversions online. As an emerging brand and a niche product that’s available from limited stores, Bai struggled to find ways to help consumers find them. In addition, Bai doesn’t ship direct—they use Amazon, which takes Google Shopping (PLAs) off the table and places limitations on analytics. Therefore, our challenges included identifying a target audience, generating awareness for this new brand, and measuring engagement over time.


Our solution was to scale a comprehensive digital media strategy across a variety of platforms, blurring the lines between brand awareness and direct response advertising. Bridging the gap across platforms allowed each platform to complement the others. For example, when we drove traffic to the company blog, those visitors became a part of our Remarketing List (Google) as well as our Website Custom Audiences on Facebook and Twitter. We were then able to use those lists for targeting on promotions and ad flights.

We also provided Bai with Analytics consulting. We used Custom Dashboards in Google Analytics, along with Google Trends, scaling spend to capitalize on new opportunities. This piece improved visibility on how our digital initiatives affected store-level/offline conversions, as well as brand awareness.


Bai’s revenue from paid search alone is up 543% year-over-year. Conversions on Google, including case sales, store locator interactions, email signups, and online offers, have increased by 3,400%. Traffic to Bai’s website from Google is up 410%, and they’ve seen a 325% increase in Facebook page likes (up to 51,000 likes from 12,000 last year).

In 2014, Bai was only running Google Search. In 2015, BFO added remarketing, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter to the client’s strategy. We also ran Hulu ads for Bai’s new flavor launch during shows such as Hell’s Kitchen, Iron Chef, and more.

In 2015, during a one-week Flash Sale on Amazon, we helped Bai sell 300% more cases of their product than they did during their best week in 2014.

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