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September 18, 2018

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Dan Golden, Ambassador & Marketing Adviser for

At BFO, we believe employees should be empowered to be the best they can be. We’ve done this by implementing the Great Game of Business open-book management principles which makes employees stakeholders in business decisions. We also encourage employees through volunteer time off, enabling them to get involved with causes close to their heart. Perhaps then it’s no surprise we are a founding member of

BFO President Dan Golden is leading the effort. He has taken the role as Ambassador & Marketing Adviser for to help spread the word.

What is

The PEW Research Center says the #1 reason many people don’t vote is due to work and/or school conflicts. BFO and other founding members of believe companies can change this.

Members of commit to making it possible for their employees to vote in elections. Company leaders work together to help fellow member companies brainstorm ideas and come up with policies that make it possible for employees to do their civic duty and vote in a way that works for their businesses too. Some approaches are simple, like making voting day a company holiday. Others include more creative solutions like half-days off, paid leave, comp time, and flex time.

For example, Jesse Genet, co-founder of Lumi said, “We allow for full flexibility to work remote for part or entire voting day so that our team members have the time to exercise their civic duty without scheduling stress. It’s critical to us that our team knows how much we value their rights to participate on voting day.”

Interested? Join the More than 130+ Companies Encouraging Their Employees to Vote This November

Companies from all over the United States have signed up with, including Dropbox, Patagonia, and IMG. is non-partisan and encourages responsible civics. This starts by making it possible for every U.S. citizen to get out and vote on election day, in a way that works for every business.

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