BFO Named to Top 1000 Service Providers for 2020 in Exclusive Clutch 1000 List

December 11, 2020

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We’re thrilled to announce that BFO has been named to the Clutch Top 1000 Service Providers List for 2020, the firm’s most exclusive award, which represents only the top one percent of companies listed on its site.

As the leading ratings and reviews platform for IT, marketing and business service providers, Clutch continuously researches the leading B2B companies around the globe in its quest for the Top 1000.

“In a world with dozens of pay-to-play “awards” and meaningless badges, Clutch is different. They actually talk to our clients, require validated reviews and have in-depth criteria used to qualify service providers. This recognition means a lot to us, and further validates that BFO isn’t just another pop-up marketing agency.”

-Dan Golden, Co-Founder and Chief Search Artist at BFO

In order to determine which companies are included in the Clutch 1000, analyzes each company across four criteria:

  • Recency, number, and quality of Clutch-verified reviews published to your company profile
  • Types of clients you work with
  • Services you offer and your experience providing those services
  • Brand reputation and visibility in your target market

“Each year, our company takes the time to highlight the top tier industry leaders in the global B2B market,” said Clutch Founder Mike Beares. “With an impressive background of projects, responsive customer service, and superior skill-sets in their fields, these companies have proven time and again that they’re the best choice when selecting a B2B provider.”

It is our honor to be included among the top tier industry leaders in the global B2B market.

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