BFO SEO Team Gets BrightEdge "Super User" Certification

January 27, 2015

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Be Found Online is excited to announce that most of our SEO team is officially BrightEdge Super User certified! The entire team received their initial BrightEdge certifications at the beginning of 2014, and our SEO experts were recently selected by BrightEdge to go through Super User training and examination.

During the certification exam, our SEO specialists were split into two teams. When presented with a challenging exam scenario, one team chose a broad local and mobile SEO approach built to enhance the client’s overall SEO strategy. The other team chose a focused local SEO approach which specified one keyword phrase that was vital for the client’s local search and recommended tactics for generating improved rankings and backlinks with that phrase.

Both approaches were deemed excellent by the BrightEdge exam administrator and are so useful they will be put into action for the client!

Since beginning the BrightEdge certification as a group, our SEO team has grown. Three-quarters of the team is now BrightEdge Super User certified, and the more recently added members will begin Super User Certification early this year.

The team as a whole has proved itself yet again to be experts at handling broad SEO strategy as well as individualized tactics to ensure SEO success for our clients. To learn more about how the BFO team can deliver real results to meet your SEO needs, contact us today!

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