Ready, Set, Go! — Welcome to the BFOlympics

June 29, 2018

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Summer is here, and for Team BFO that means it’s the season for service. While BFO participates in many volunteering opportunities to make the world a better place, it’s also important to keep our spirits up within the company. Julia Ebner, our BFO Director of Humans and Culture, gives a little of her insight as to why the BFOlympics is just one example of how BFO takes care of our employees, nurtures our company culture, and helps us stay a well-rounded business partner for our clients.

Julia, to kick us off, how did the BFOlympics start and when?

“The first BFOlympics was hosted in 2014. The idea came about in a discussion with Steve Krull, CEO. We decided that we need to disconnect and get everyone outside for an afternoon. The first one was very simple! We walked over to Hamlin Park, played kickball and football and some other team building games and catered it from Costellos. It has now grown into a company-wide tradition! We fly the remoters in and now have a week revolved around training, development, and bonding!”

That’s awesome! So it’s an integral part of company culture, right?

“It’s something to look forward to, that excited people. It’s a week for us all to get together to get in face time with people we usually only get to see through a screen. Also, we have such a quirky, unconventional way of doing things here that the BFOlympics gives people the chance to really get to know us! It’s one afternoon where we can get weird, play games, bbq, and have fun!”

It sounds like a fantastic day. I’m sure the company really enjoys it. In following with the BFO focus on service, is there any sort of charity component integrated into BFOlympics yet?

“There isn’t a charity element to the BFOlympics right now but not to say it can’t evolve to include one. The BFOlympics is a just a day for the BFO team to disconnect and get in some human/outdoor time. We did invite some local Clients and friends of the Beefer to attend as we like to be surrounded by those that get us and love us!”

I’m sure there will be a charity element before we know it! My last question for today, what are some of your favorite BFOlympics memories?

“Oh boy! There are so many! Here are a few:

At the first-ever BFOlympics, we had an egg toss. You know where you and a partner toss an egg as you move further apart from one another? Well, we finished the game then it turned into everyone throwing eggs at each other! Have you ever been pelted with an egg? IT HURTS!

One year, there was a huge build up between Ben (SEO Director) and Quincy (Account Director) about a football game. There was a friendly rivalry from the moment the BFOlympics was scheduled. Fast forward to the day of, we played a game of scrum football, and Eric(?) ended up falling down, forgetting there was an egg in his pocket, and it broke all over him. Another memory from that football game is that Ben ended up breaking his elbow — It got intense, but we play every year!

Each year I like to give people the opportunity to do something to Dan and Steve (BFO Co-founders) — pie in the face, etc. The one year I used shaving cream instead of whip cream because it was hot and I didn’t want it to get all sticky. #1, wrong move, but after we pied Dan and Steve it turned into a free for all of people pie-ing everyone. It got intense, sunglasses were broken, and people were upset, but it was all worth it!”


The BFOlympics is a company culture pillar for BFO — it builds team morale, engages employees, and helps our clients see success. When teams aren’t strong in their bonds, it’s apparent in their work. With a cooperative, comfortable team, the ability to perform for our clients is second to none.

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Thanks to our wonderful Analytics Director, Steve Kozma, for taking great photos throughout the day. Enjoy the photos below, and we’ll see you at the next BFOlympics!


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