BFO Takes on Chiditarod!

That’s right! Be Found Online joined the crazy teams that have competed in Chiditarods past. We had two teams participate in the always fun and popular Chicago bar crawl race and canned food drive! This is the 8th year of the Chiditarod event. It’s a great time for coming up with an awesome theme for your team, making costumes, stealing procuring and decorating a shopping cart, and racing sled dog style with your friends and co-workers.

The race has grown substantially in the past 14 years, and collected $18,500 for The Cottage Heights Community and The Coalition and Concerned neighbors of Burnside in 2012. They also collected 21,677 pound of food for the Greater Chicago Food Depository last year. The 2013 results will not be posted for a few days.

It was a cold day for a race, but the weather was pretty agreeable. Our two teams were Parks and Recreation, with a Lil Sebastian decorated cart, and Barrel o’ Monkeys, with a brown barrel cart. From bananas and apes to Tom Haverford look-a-likes, we had some great competitors representing the Beefer! There were some pretty creative themes and costumes this year. From a diner cart, serving apple pie, to a Twinkies branded cart and costumes, teams were really into the race! For a look at our teams and the race, check out our album on Facebook.