BFO Charity Weight Loss Challenge

What’s a Beefer, you may ask? A Beefer is our affectionate name for our employees and honorary BFO (Be Found Online) team members.

What’s the BFO goal?

In 2017, BFO has committed to helping make a difference for several causes which are close to our hearts. The end of our first-quarter charity challenge, which focuses on fighting hunger, is fast approaching and we’re anxious to share the results! In the meantime, here’s a summary of the challenge and our goals.

Twelve BFO team members are participating in the “Pound of Beef for a Pound of Beefer” challenge, which will benefit the Chicago Food Depository’s efforts to combat hunger and food insecurity in and around Chicago. For every pound lost (or pound gained for those who need it), or every BMI percent decreased between January 1st and March 31st, BFO will be donating 1 pound of food to the Depository, which strives to help feed people and families in need throughout the Chicagoland area.

BFO Food Drive
While most food depositories receive numerous donations, it is in the early spring when they find their holiday supplies starting to run low. It is our goal as an organization to do whatever we can to best serve the communities we live in, and we determined that the Chicago Food Depository was the best choice for our charitable cause this quarter.

In addition, we feel that healthy employees are happy employees. We hope this challenge will kick off the year by helping our team members improve their fitness, leaving them not only looking better but also feeling good.

Stay tuned to find out the results of our Pound of Beefer challenge!