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Create Monumental Personal & Business Change – Pt. 3

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When I began my personal project of running, I could barely run the couple hundred feet to the end of my block. That was 2013. I was out-of-shape and overweight. By 2015 I had lost 80 lbs and ran my first ultra-marathon of 33 miles.


Even better, I’ve kept the weight off and I continue to run and compete. What I achieved is really incredible considering where I started. Achieving a big outrageous goal like this is something anyone or any business can achieve.

It relies on the three vital elements of project planning. I talked about the first two, goal setting and planning, in parts one and two. Let’s take a look at what it takes to get results and keep the positive momentum going.

Results Has Another Name

In business, we get really caught up in results. Don’t get me wrong, as a project manager, I’m extremely results focused, but results translates to execution.

Results can be good. They can be bad. Let’s face it, for a wide variety of reasons, sometimes a plan doesn’t produce the results we want.

When I trained, sometimes I didn’t meet my day’s goal. But as long as I made the effort I made progress. Poor results taught me how to adapt to get better.

By running, I learned results are simply the outcomes of execution. The key was to continue to execute or perform each and every day. And really, doing the work wasn’t hard. All it took was my mantra as I trained – “just one more step.”

The Hardest Part of Success

In running or project planning, the hardest part isn’t doing the work. It’s staying committed. More than once while I trained, especially on those long runs, I just wanted to stop.

At those moments, it came down to execution. “Just one more step.” With each step, I came closer to my race goals. I also achieved incredible weight loss. Today I feel better and am healthier than before.

The same goes for project management. No matter where the project is, all a team needs to do is take “one more step.” Keep executing and success will follow.

Positive Momentum for Every Project

Like results, positive momentum requires execution. Once you reach a goal, set a new goal, analyze your performance and adapt as necessary. Ultimately, the only challenge any individual or business faces is commitment. That goes for business projects and personal efforts.

The effort I’ve outlined is the same approach we apply for every client and project at BFO. We know the end of every project is only the beginning. It makes goal setting, planning, execution and commitment simple.

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