BFO Makes U.S. Search Award Shortlist Again

October 04, 2017

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‘Best Large PPC Agency’ U.S. Search Award Finalist for 2nd Straight Year

For the 2nd consecutive year, BFO has been nominated as a Finalist on the U.S Search Award Shortlist for Best Large PPC Agency. The U.S. Search Award Shortlist recognizes agencies for strategy, creativity and, most importantly, results. BFO earned this year’s nomination for the success achieved implementing paid search strategies for our clients.

This is the fifth year for the U.S. Search Awards that celebrate the successes of agencies in the areas of PPC, search and digital marketing. Companies, agencies and professionals apply every year from all over the world. Award winners are announced at the annual Pubcon event.

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Customer-Centric Works!

BFO’s paid search department grew 75% in 2016. The acquisition of the Adshift team has brought a great amount of experience which has helped create incredible client results resulting in a 58% growth in paid search business so far in 2017. Two elements form the foundation for great client campaign success:

1) BFO listens to and commits to understanding their clients’ customer and the challenging experience reaching them. This commitment combined with analytics and creativity lead to customized strategies and detailed execution that delivers results for clients and often referrals for BFO.

2) Employee empowerment. It might seem small, but BFO’s special commitment to its employees encourages ownership of solutions. This has created paid search teams that focus on collaboration and benefit from the input of all employees from Account Manager to analyst to develop strategies to meet client demands in an ever-evolving industry.

Together, empowered employees and a strategically-focused client-engagement process continue to produce results for all our clients. This approach has been a vital element in BFO’s growth and success since its inception in 2009. Of course, of greatest importance, it is the catalyst for the campaign successes and results enjoyed by BFO clients.

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