You started it, put it away, pulled it out again a couple of months later, then got distracted – again. The “it” I’m talking about is your company’s blog, and believe it or not, by not keeping up with it, you are losing potential revenue. Here are a few of the most crucial obstacles to business blogging success:

1. No content: How many times have you visited a business blog and found no posts or a post or two that are several years old? Running a successful business is difficult. There are always more tasks than time. Often the time that should be devoted to producing a post or two gets reallocated. Despite best intentions, very little ends up being written for the blog.

2. No regular schedule: Some blogs have virtually everything needed to be successful, except consistency. In order to gain traffic and audience, a business blog needs regular content. Post regularly. Create a content calendar and commit to it. Consider writing several months’ worth of post ideas and topics and having those ideas ready to go.

3. No consideration of how businesses like yours are found: If you intend to attract traffic to your blog from organic search, you need to think about how your customers search. What do they type in the search box when they look for you? Optimize the post with long-tail keyword phrases your customers would use. The keyword phrase should be used prominently (but naturally) in the posts. Free tools, such as the Google Adwords Keyword Suggestion Tool, can help you uncover the phrases that many searchers are using to find information on the topics you are addressing.

4. No engagement: Is your content interesting? If you were searching, would it be compelling enough to make you read it? Does it capture a client’s point of view? Does it address client “pain points”? Is it useful in solving a pressing issue for clients? Do your blog posts invite comments, feedback, or participation? Are you using video or other media when relevant and they are the most compelling way to post? Do you examine your blog’s analytics to see which posts have received the most views and comments and consider how you can build on those posts?

5. No sharing: Even if you are creating compelling content regularly and have done your homework to make that content easy to find, are you still doing all you should? Consider ways to share your best blog posts on social media. Perhaps something you have posted could start a conversation on LinkedIn or Facebook? Maybe the slides from your “Trends in the Industry” presentation should be on Slide Share? Consider ways to creatively re-purpose and share your blog content to bring visitors to your blog.

Thinking about blogging in terms of hurdles can be helpful in seeing where you can improve your business blog. Download our complimentary whitepaper “Blogging for Business” for more valuable business blogging tips.


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