Question for the Expert:

What are the most common challenges for online lead generation?

Answer from the Expert:

Helping to improve results for specific landing pages via PPC media can be done by adapting the current advertising account, adapting the current landing pages, or doing both in tandem. There are 4 questions to keep in mind when tackling the most common challenges for online lead generation.

1. What keywords in the account are currently driving the highest volume of conversions–and which keywords are driving the highest volume of impressions/clicks?

The keywords with the highest volume of conversions point to areas of success but can also give context to additional content that could be added to the landing page. For instance, if “Ecommerce Lead Gen” is performing strongly in bringing users to the landing page and converting, but the content on the landing page is very general, adding ecommerce-specific language to the LP will only help to improve results.

Keywords that are driving high volumes or impressions and clicks, but low conversions, can also point to additional opportunities for content on the LP if those queries are useful to the end conversion goal. With the current sponsored keywords, what is the intent of each? “Online Lead Gen solutions” and “Common Challenges of Lead Gen” are both keywords which would put a user somewhere in the buying cycle, but in two very different spots. Is there content that could be added to the landing pages which helps to support both of those queries, or are there other, more relevant landing pages on the site that we could send users to?

2. What search queries are causing your ads to fire?

If broad or phrase keywords are being used in the account, there is a chance that unrelated queries are triggering your ads. Reviewing the search query report and adding negative keywords on an ongoing basis ensures that your campaigns are more efficient.

3. How are your campaigns and ad groups structured; and is there corresponding ad copy for each?

Google and Bing look at the correlation between keywords, ad copy, and landing page content when assigning a quality score. A low quality score can result in higher CPCs for your keywords. Are all lead generation keywords located under one ad group, or are they broken out based on the intent of the keyword with corresponding ad copy?

4. Are you utilizing the real estate that Google/Bing provides?

“Online lead generation” as a keyword could mean multiple things to multiple people. Utilizing ad-extensions can provide 6 additional links below your ad to offer 6 different lead generation topics a user could choose from.

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