Target OutrankingWhen someone says something negative about your company online, it won’t go away and it’s most likely impossible to remove. Given this reality, the best defense to negative listings on the search engines is to counteract them with positive information. That’s the idea behind Content Crowding. We can’t erase negative mentions, but we can create as much positive branding as possible to crowd out the negative listings.

Our Content Crowding strategy is composed of many methods including:

  • Online-focused PR campaigns
  • Social media content creation
  • Website optimization
  • Customized article creation and marketing

Our goal is to create as much positive information as we can that remains under your control. Our team has the strategic media experience to understand the value of a carefully crafted message plus the online marketing experience to help that message rank well major search engines. Together, this combination crowds out the negative buzz and replaces it with a message your company will be proud to display.

Are you protected from negative online mentions? Contact us today for a customized proposal. We’ll help you add positive buzz to the conversation about your brand.