A picture’s worth a thousand words – and online, it’s true. The popularity of silly cat pictures and videos makes it increasingly clear that visual media attracts attention and gets more likes, shares, clicks, favorites, and retweets than content with text alone.

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Why? We are all visual. Photos, drawings, memes, diagrams, graphs and videos appeal to people because they’re eye-catching against a background of text posts and blogs. They pack an immediate, self-explanatory visual punch. The bottom line is that in the super-saturated world of blogs and social media, where everyone has something to say or share, we like being engaged fully and immediately. Eye-catching multi-media is a great way to do that.

What are the numbers?

Compared to text-only posts, posts with visual media get:

  • 50% more likes on Facebook
  • 100% more Facebook comments
  • 94% more retweets (when using pic.Twitter.com)

If you want readers to share articles, guides, or blog posts, make sure you include images. Relevant, high-quality pictures can catch the attention of the reader instantly, while posts without images can seem uninteresting.

Our hankering for funny, cool, interesting, and shareable images is what made the visual discovery website Pinterest so popular so quickly. People use Pinterest to keep track of ideas, things they’d like to buy, and articles or blog posts they might reference later. Make it easy for readers to share and come back later by using pinnable images and easy-to-find share buttons.

These statistics have ramifications for the business world. If your company has and active online presence but it’s not performing as well as you’d like, you might try making more visually-oriented posts to increase audience engagement.

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