Facebook announced Monday that it would be implementing some important changes to News Feed in order to make it a better experience for users. The major change involves weeding out clickbait stories – links that use sensational headlines to entice people to click through to spammy content.


The announcement defines clickbaiting as “a headline that encourages people to click to see more, without telling them much information about what they will see” (for instance, “You’ll NEVER Believe What Happened Next!”). These over-the-top links are frequently flagged by Facebook users as being irrelevant or uninteresting, and as a result Facebook has finally decided to penalize such posts.

Clickbaiting is nothing new to the industry. In fact, Facebook is a bit behind in taking content quality into account for its users. The company will be analyzing user behavior to determine which posts are spammy and unwanted. Clickbait will start losing value and getting penalized in News Feed, while higher-quality content that engages users will be prioritized in rank.

You won’t likely notice an immediate change in your News Feed, but over time low-quality content will start to fade away. It’s important (as always) to promote and deliver valuable content that users will read and enjoy.

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