Question for the Expert:

Why should I hire a local search engine optimization service to list my business?

Answer from the Expert:

All hail Google! The all-knowing search engine and purveyor of all things Internet now accounts for about 72% of the global search market. So, as SEOs, when Google says “Jump!” we ask, “Will it hurt?”

In recent years Google has plunged into promoting search results on a more hyper-local level. This is evident in the now vast amount of information available in Google’s local listings (which now includes business reviews, popular times, etc.).

The most effective way to ensure your business properly utilizes the local aspects of search is to hire a local search engine optimization expert. That way, your search presence won’t be lost like my keys are nearly every morning.

Working with an expert in local is important for several reasons:

  • It’s becoming more of a challenge to stay on top of the latest local trends and Google updates.
  • Many local SEOs have a direct line to Google’s in-house resources and can mitigate issues quickly and effectively.
  • If your business has multiple locations, maintaining those profiles is a big time suck. Not having to worry allows you to focus on what’s really important to your business… makin’ dolla dolla billz.
  • An expert’s intricate knowledge of how organic search impacts local results helps to fortify your overall SEO strategy

Local is here to stay and will only become more paramount to the importance of the online presence of your business as time goes on and the mobile revolution continues. Sure, you could spend hours upon hours learning the ins-and-outs of local search yourself and give it the old college try… but the likelihood of success with that approach sacrifices a lot of your optimization potential.

Your business isn’t average… so don’t settle for average local optimization. 

To learn more about local search engine optimization services, head here.

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