Smartphone and headphones on wooden background. Youtube letter written with wooden cubesIf you had the potential to show off your brand to more than a billion people every month, what would you do to make it happen?

Many marketing strategies can increase your exposure and get new eyes on your brand, but few get you access to the audience that YouTube offers. Creating a brand channel with valuable, shareable content is a great way to become much more visible online.

Developing a channel around your brand can help you rank in the YouTube search engine and reach a vast audience.

A channel for your brand can amplify your success in these ways:

  • By building community – A successful brand channel features video content that’s engaging, entertaining, and shareable. If you use strong calls-to-action and your viewers like what they see, they’ll convert other people into fans by sharing your content across many social media platforms.
  • By being relevant – In a world where content marketing is on the rise and traditional ad tactics are lagging behind, it’s important for your brand to be on the up-swing. With a brand channel, you’re creating content, not ads – and people like that.
  • By making analytics easy – YouTube’s built-in analytics tools can answer a lot of questions you might have about your channel and viewers. Learning more about your fans and their behavior can help you produce content that’s relevant to them, even outside of your YouTube channel.

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