Mental Fitness in the Workplace

Mental Fitness in the Workplace - BFO

Raise your hand if you have ever walked in the door at work knowing it was going to be a struggle?  Raise your hand if you’ve been at your desk at 1 p.m. after lunch and wondered “How am I going to get through my next meeting?”  It happens to everyone at some point, and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

In today’s world, we all live busy lives with a wide range of daily responsibilities. We are not just employees; we are also fathers, mothers, sisters, coaches, friends and more. We are pulled in varying personal and professional directions that impact our mental fitness.

The average employee will spend over half of his or her lifetime in the workplace surrounded by colleagues. Thus, the great importance of one’s mental fitness.

Let’s start with a definition of mental fitness. This concept refers to “a state of psychosocial well-being, it means having a positive sense of how we feel, think, and act which improves our ability to enjoy life.  It contributes to our innate ability to be self-determined.”

It is instantly clear from this definition that having team members who are mentally fit is crucial to a company’s success. Both employee retention and productivity correlate directly with mental fitness.

There are ways that any company and any employee can boost mental fitness.  Let’s look some ways that companies and team members can boost mental fitness.


  1. Create a space for employees to rest and relax.  The simple addition of a couch and extra seating can provide an outlet for employees to recharge and readjust.
  2. Provide healthy drinks and snacks that boost energy. Providing healthy snacks can allow employees to remain focused and productive.
  3. Have exercise options for team members. A simple stretch or a walk around the block can improve blood flow and attention. Provide a space or even a free exercise class to get team members moving.


  1. Be engaged with your own health. It is important to make time for your own self-care.
  2. Challenge your intellect.  Mental stimulation keeps your mind moving forward and growing.  Whether it’s a daily crossword puzzle or offering to take on a new task at work, make sure you are using your mind A healthy challenge can create healthy growth.
  3. Take part in company programs.  If your company provides any of the above options, don’t be shy.  Indulge in a healthy snack, take a 15-minute break on the couch, go for a walk, or sign up for the in-house exercise class to boost your productivity.

Next time you are feeling sluggish at work and wishing for that 5 p.m. alarm to go off, try one of these helpful tips. You will spend half of your life at work. Make sure you are working in an environment that is conducive to mental fitness. BFO has these amenities, and it made Ad Age’s list of best places to work. To find out more about working at BFO, visit our career page.