There’s a great passage in this summary of a presentation given by Kimberly Bryant that I think hits at the heart of something we’re all challenged with—really, a few things.

I’m not trying to wax all philosophical about broader societal issues. What I’m after is the day-to-day in developing ourselves as managers and leaders.

The whole passage is below, but I’m going to highlight just a phrase: “We must stop looking at others outside of ourselves as people who need to change.”


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I’ll ask you to think about this mostly in regard to two biases that I think we’re all challenged with in the workplace (but I’d love to hear what thoughts the article provoked in you!):

  1. “Because I know how to do it.”

Because I know how to do it, it should be easy for you. We’re all different and that’s why we work well together. Every employee is different, with different strengths and weaknesses.

Question: How can you embrace the challenge to better understand the strengths while developing the weaknesses?

  1. “Criticism is easy!”

It’s really easy to criticize—almost anything. That we often criticize before we compliment is a travesty. And no, I’m not implying this is “everyone gets a trophy” but rather “respect the effort.” Our perceptions are insanely subjective—what you think is great, I might think is horrible and vice versa.

Question: What are some good ways to deliver feedback to someone who spent a lot of time creating something that you think is significantly lacking?

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