The benefits of mobile search segment campaigns are endless! We all need to segment our mobile campaigns because we can:

  • Specifically optimize our campaigns
  • Send money to segments that perform better
  • Have more conversion from same search spend
  • Change bids based on keyword performance combined with segment performance
  • Adjust  pages to targeted audience
  • Optimize against different conversion types

If there is any strategy to be had for mobile advertising, it is hands down segmenting our campaigns so we can send our advertisements to potential customers. Want to know what is even more exciting about segmenting our campaigns? We can promote our advertisements based on geography (meaning which countries, states or cities perform better), language and devices.

One of the best tools to use for segmenting our campaigns is Google Analytics. Google Analytics is so advanced that it allows us to see what keywords are being used and in what region.  The benefits of knowing the locations of our audience are remarkable! So why don’t we increase our revenue by targeting successful markets while we reduce spending on ads that do not work in their current locations? It is as simple as removing our advertisements from locations that are not performing well and using that money to advertise in well-performing markets. Why not make more money in one market instead of hoping that our money is well spent in the several other markets.  In this situation, less is more. Choose a select few markets instead of every market on the Internet.

The main point here is, why not save bundle of money with advertising? Advertising is expensive! And it is even more expensive when we advertise to a general audience (the billboard principle). As long as we narrow our broad audience down to a specific audience in select locations, we can experience increased ROI. Sounds simple, but believe me, not every Internet Marketing agency shares the same viewpoint. We want what’s best for our clients, not what’s best for our pocketbook. Really!