This morning I was going through my Klout, just checking out some things. Okay, I admit to being slightly obsessed with my score and how I influence others. To my surprise, Klout sent me a notification, saying that I seem to know a lot about Social Media and asked if I would like to become a Klout expert. Would I be interested? Of course, I would! I like being about to positively influence my friends and followers and being a great source for information! As part of getting started I had to help share my knowledge by answering a question from a fellow Klout user. So, instead of keeping those answers to myself and Klout, I thought I’d share my answer with you.

Klout User Question:

What are the top 3 tips you would give to someone brand new to Social Media?

My Response:

  • Be genuine and transparent
    • Whether personal or business, it’s never a good idea to put on any kind of front. Users appreciate real people and brands. If you’re not reflecting your real self they user is getting the wrong impression about your brand, which can and will cause issues and backfire on your. This will lead to loss of trust by users quicker than you think and your following will dwindle.
  • Don’t just send your message out. You also need to listen and respond
    • Sending your message our without knowing whether or not anyone is listening to it is just silly. Too many times we see individuals and brands just sending out their opinions and message, trying to “fish” for new followers, likers, and connections. However, what your best bet is to make sure you’re listening to what users want to hear and tailor your message to that. See what others have to say and respond. Create a conversation. Ask and answer questions. Build the relationship.
  • Stick to things you know
    • What am I saying here? Don’t talk about a subject matter as if you’re an expert if you’re really pretty clueless about that topic. Let’s say you’re really knowledgeable about mountain climbing. Don’t think there’s an audience interested in learning more about mountain climbing and your experiences? Well, there is and they’re waiting to hear from you. You’re a pro at mountain climbing, but you’re trying to engage surfers and you’ve never even been on a board. Well, the best way to approach this audience isn’t going to be to talk about your surfing experiences and just winging it. The best approach is to learn and ask questions and think of best ways to tie in your mountain climbing experiences with how you’re interested in tapping into surfing.

I’m aware that these tips aren’t exactly science, but you’d be quite surprised how many brands and individuals want to wing it and be a know-it-all, act like someone else, and have a death grip on that megaphone instead of putting it down and listening. Just like a conversation in person, You want to make sure it’s a two-way street. Listen and respond. Wait your turn to speak. As my grandmother would remind me as a little kid, “you were given two ears and one mouth for a reason, you should listen twice as much as you talk.”

Trust me. These tips seem rudimentary, but sometimes the most simple things need repeating. Contact us to learn more on Social Media Best Practices.