Every business should have a Twitter account. Why? Sure it’s a portal to free information, but most importantly, having a Twitter account allows you to follow other users in your industry including your customers. Twitter is a fantastic listening tool. By actually listening to the conversations about your brand, products, services, including customer needs and wants, you have the power to provide your customers with exactly what they need.

By responding to their conversations and asking questions via twitter, you are actively engaging your audience, showing them you care, and promoting good will about your brand.

Less importantly (though used most frequently) it’s a way to directly promote your brand, products and services. Twitter is an excellent resource to advertise sales and promotions. When not overdone, an occasional “shout out” about your business is okay, too.

Below is a list of reasons why every company should have an active Twitter account, followed by another list: the best practices for business Twitter feeds.

The reasons for Twitter:

  • Listen to conversations in your industry
  • Engage your customers
  • Promote goodwill
  • Communicate with other professionals
  • Communicate with potential costumers
  • Offer coupons and deals
  • Market your business
  • Provide online customer service

The best practices for Business Twitter users:

  • Follow experts in your field
  • Interaction! Twitter is all about communicating with others, so interact as much as possible!
  • Build a following base (this can be done by following others, most will follow back)
  • Avoid tweeting about the following topics:
    • Politics
    • Religion
    • Past or Present Clients
    • Projects
  • Utilize the left side of the page for your contact information and a blurb about your services
  • Retweet interesting articles
  • Mention people who inspire or discuss interesting topics
  • Always respond quickly (so people know you are listening)

Twitter is a wonderful social media tool. Through Twitter, we can interact with fellow users no matter where they live. We can connect with people who share our same interests without ever actually meeting face-to-face. Twitter is also great for social customer service, especially if fellow tweeters are insulting your business. When criticism happens, you can directly message the unsatisfied customer to resolve the issue.

Tweets are viral. If you have a great twitter page with fabulous tweets, your online presence will shoot through the roof. If you barely tweet, refuse to discuss, and don’t interact with others, people may forget about your business. If you only tweet to promote your company and don’t provide any information of value to your customers, you will lose followers as quickly as you earn them. If you haven’t taken advantage of this social media powerhouse, now is the time. Join the birds and start tweeting!