What Does a Google Analytics Agency Offer?

March 09, 2017

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A Google Analytics agency may sound Google-centric, but nothing could be further from the truth. Realistically, Google’s dominance and position as the #1 search engine makes every digital ad agency a Google Analytics agency. An agency that describes itself this way simply demonstrates a practical, common sense attitude revealing the real value they offer. On top of that, we have the ‘Google Analytics Certified Partner‘ title to prove it.

The value of any Google Analytics agency comes in what they can do with data. After all, Google Analytics and the more robust Analytics 360 do nothing more than deliver data. A complete offering looks at data not just as an analytical tool, but as a way to drive revenue. Let’s take a deeper look at what a Google Analytics agency offers.

Data Clarity

Didn’t we just say it’s more than analytics? Yes, and that’s why we start with data clarity. Google Analytics can deliver a ton of data. The challenge lies in making sense of it.

Part of this relies on a technical ability to create useful, customized reports. Another important element involves insight to understand the deeper meaning of the data. Finally, the ability to clearly define the most relevant data so it can be applied in a way that advances brand campaigns, lead generation efforts and recommends the addition or elimination of channels.

Powerful Leverage

Leverage is defined as “influence or power used to achieve a desired result.” If knowledge is power, a good Google Analytics agency offers a great deal of leverage. Not simply for its ability to interpret and apply data, but also for the different opportunities it provides. These opportunities exist in the form of tools and applications that can be used to get more from Google Analytics.

Another way to think of this…why take time to research all the different tools available when the Google Analytics agency can provide you that information and make informed recommendations based on your goals and objectives?

Analytics 360

Analytics 360 may be perhaps the biggest advantage of a Google Analytics agency. Analytics 360, or A360 for short, provides brands with high online volumes full data sets. Wait, what about Google Analytics?

Google Analytics, the free analytics software from Google, does deliver full data – up to a limit. Beyond that, it begins sampling data and extrapolating to match the real traffic. A360 provides raw, unsampled data. As a Google Analytics agency, we cannot stress the importance of this for brands with volumes high enough to get sampled.

And that’s why this may be the biggest advantage. While A360 is Google’s fee-based analytics software, the power of unsampled data makes the ROI practical and the potential revenue impacts highly desirable.

If you want to learn more about what each of these tools are able to offer your business, download our Google Analytics 360 comparison chart. It compares the strengths of GA Standard, 360, and Adobe Ominture, and list prices so that you can make an informed decision.

Advanced A360 Integrations

A360 offers integrations to enhance the power of the data for bigger results. Its Adwords integration provides nuanced reporting for paid search. Optimize360 gives non-techie marketers the ability to modify web pages without engaging a web developer. Doubleclick centralizes display ad campaign management. BigQuery allows marketers to analyze data sets in the trillions of rows.

Several other popular ad tech companies also provide integrations to provide real-time dashboards and advanced attribution modeling.

An Intimate Understanding of Buyer Personas

The customer base for most brands includes multiple buyer personas with the exception of those extreme niche brands. Buyer personas can be identified by demographics, but also by buying habits and preferred digital channel. The data collected through Google Analytics adds insight into these buyer personas.

The big advantage a Google Analytics agency offers clients is an outside perspective. The agency doesn’t enter with any preconceived notion about a client’s customers. This allows a fresh view. Plus, the unbiased view combined with an experience analyzing and attributing large amounts of data helps it develop an eye for subtle changes and trends.

Optional Ongoing Training

Working with a Google Analytics agency doesn’t mean a marketer needs to hand over control. A good agency will also offer training to client staff to pull data, create reports and can even train staff to read the reports. Of course, if additional integrations are included, training on a system like Optimize360 would also be available.

Training can mean the difference between profit and loss. Understanding and using data collected by Google Analytics or A360 correctly is essential to ensure success. A good Google Analytics agency will provide training.

A Tried and Tested Process

The best results when working with data come from following a proven process. At BFO, we use our BFO Engage process. It applies a comprehensive approach to analyze, set a plan, execute and repeat to ensure regular, real-time response to the constantly changing nature of digital marketing.

Process ensures transparency and action, regardless of what software a brand uses or the level of the service agreement. For more information about BFO Engage or our Google Analytics approach, start a conversation!

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